Fantasy Girl:Fairytale Dream

Live up in fairytale dream

You were born with the ability to enter into any fairytale books, which means, you could live in the fairytale world and become the heroine of any fairytale story! On your 16th birthday, you entered the world of Snow White! You were officially Snow White the Princess! Just like what you read in the story book, there was a talking mirror, an evil queen who is jealous of your beauty, dark magic and curses. But there was something quite not the same as well, like 2 princes with totally different personalities who both adored Snow White…
Make careful choices as the story goes! You may have the chance to change the story and reach different endings. You will face the ultimate princess challenge – dress up to different occasions and locations. What to wear at your birthday party, what to wear to meet the princes, what to wear to go hunting? It’s your task to find the perfect combination and eventually pass each level.
Live up in your fairytale dream!
Dress up in beautiful princess dresses and gowns
Tons of exquisite outfits and accessories
Fascinating storylines
Exciting dress up challenges
Love relationships with two princes
Make choices to get different endings
No Wi-fi needed. You could play anywhere!