Tasty Dessert Town

Dessert Recipe Experiments

After graduation, you got into a company and dealt with boring and exhausting work for 2 years. Suddenly your childhood dream of opening your own dessert shop came back to you. You quitted your job and bought a shop in Tasty Town. With great anxiety, you opened your new shop. And a whole new life of managing your own dessert shop starts!
This is a fun recipe creation and dessert shop management game suitable for everyone! You have to buy new recipe books, harvest in the farm, upgrade your equipments, create different desserts with the combinations of ingredients and cooking methods. and satisfy the needs of customers! Don’t worry, the purple potato spirit will help you with everything! You will get income from many ways. Use the money you earned to buy ingredients, recipes, cooking tools and of course, repay your mortgage! Brain storm to find the correct recipes and sell more desserts!
More than 100 tasty desserts!
Resolve the recipe puzzles!
Complete dessert orders and satisfy customers.
6 different styles of decorations!
Harvest and find 100 ingredients
No Wifi needed. It could be played anywhere.